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The CWH Group investigates and audits suspected fraud so you can stay focused on running your business.

With over 40 years of experience in fraud investigations, financial audits, efficiency audits and law enforcement, the CWH Group assists businesses, nonprofits, government entities and private individuals recover funds, minimize further loss, improve brand reputation, avoid legal problems and reduce the risk of future fraud.

Each year, organizations lose an average of 5% of their income because of fraud, totaling roughly $3.7 trillion worldwide.

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Why CWH Group?

CWH Group focuses on client success. Our extensive experience and skill-sets, coupled with highly personalized, exemplary work, enables us to comprehensively care for our clients’ expectations. Our experts guide you through running your operations more efficiently in order to prevent financial loss from theft and fraud, thereby strengthening your company now and into the future.

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Our Founder: Carl Hoecker

Carl Hoecker is a highly engaged and values-focused leader, whose style is characterized by humility and fairness. Balanced and results-driven in all the work he does, Carl is known for methodically improving operational efficiency and effectiveness within the organizations he works. As a leader, Carl inspires the development of mission, vision, and strategy, balanced with a record of creating and revitalizing stagnant operations, mitigating program risk, enhancing cybersecurity, and enabling information technology solutions. Carl prides himself on being a continual learner, an enthusiastic developer of leaders and employees, and a resolute deployer and reinforcer of positive organizational culture and integrity.

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